Without a doubt one of the best of his craft, Criss Angel adds a twist to the ages-old art that has drawn a whole new audience to the arena of illusionists. Whether you love him or think he’s a total cheese ball (both of which I’m prone to feel towards him simultaneously), you can’t deny that he’s entertaining.

In season three of his show, “Mindfreak,” Angel levitates over the Luxor’s scorching pyramid lights, is run over by a steam roller, outdoes Houdini’s prison escape feat and charms the ladies by rescuing their snacks from renegade vending machines. Proving he has a heart of gold, he shows us how to avoid being scammed by tricksters like himself and conjures up a truck full of toys for disadvantaged kids.

More candid moments illuminate when things don’t go exactly as planned, including a botched underwater escape that nearly cost him his life.

Grade: B+

Mindfreak: The Complete Season Three is currently available.