Dance for Camera 2 is a collection of films that have shown at festivals around the world. The performance pieces can be hit and miss (mostly hit), but they never fail to be totally off the wall.

In this collection, “Boy” stands out as my personal favorite. Shot on the shores of England, the camera simply follows a young boy as he runs and leaps and plays in the sand. The very simplicity of the format, with the aid of clever editing, gives rise to a beautiful piece.

The video “Cases Studies” is another winner. The style is that of a documentary film pretending to take objective assessments of people’s movement habits during sleep.

The use of stop-action editing makes for hilarious animations, such as a couple tumbling in and around one another over the course of the night. It’s just this type of playful and creative spirit that makes this collection so much fun to watch.

Grade: A

Dance for Camera, Vol. 2 is currently available.