The Blow’s Khaela Maricich danced and gyrated around the stage alone as she sang along to pre-recorded beats. She had to. Her former band mate, keyboardist and producer Jona Bechtolt left the group to focus on his own project, Yacht.

Maricich must have seemed a little awkward on that large stage all by her lonesome, right? Hell no. She turned the performance into her own one-woman show. She galloped, shimmied and popped and locked all night to those amazingly simple dance beats.

Her combination of rapping and crooning wooed everyone in the overwhelmingly female audience. The fans were more diehard than Bruce Willis.

In between each of her songs she filled the crowd in on what was going through her head at the time of each recording. She even had a song she swears she tried to sell to Beyoncé. She was earnest and open, and it was hard not to cheer for her, especially when she ended her set with the hip-hop beat-laced “True Affection.”

After her inspired performance Maricich was seen getting chummy with indie filmmaker Miranda July. Could they be 2008’s newest female power couple? I sure hope so.