In an ideal world, life would be full of vacations to exotic locales, stupendous meals and full stop relaxation. Sadly, most of us cannot indulge in the luxuries as often as we might like.

Between jobs, commitments and financial restraints, life sometimes gets in the way of living. One small but terrific way to partake of the good life is by venturing into one of the city’s day spas. Burke Williams offers a “beyond the spa” experience, elevating pampering to a new art form.

From the moment I entered, the warm lighting, soft music and cozy robe made me forget the world I’d left behind. While waiting for a treatment, guests can relax in front of a fire while drinking tea, or sit in the steam room or sauna. I definitely recommend getting there early and appreciating the amenities.

My actual treatment, a spa-style H2V facial, furthered my way toward bliss with head, neck, shoulder, hand and foot massages. My facialist, Corey, also dipped my hands in paraffin, leaving them soft and hydrated.

The Santa Ana winds had left my skin parched and dry but after being cleansed, masqued and massaged, my face felt like it had been reset to my natural level of moisture.

Besides rejuvenating skin care, Burke Williams offers a plethora of body wraps, massages, nail care and sundry other beauty treatments. The biggest splurge would be one of their all-encompassing packages which can last up to a full day – perfect to try alone or with a friend (or your partner).

After only a couple of hours at Burke Williams, the mini-vacation had relaxed me enough for a good night’s sleep and a sense of healthy well-being that spilled over into the next week.

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