Gamers and audiophiles have a common enemy – scratched discs. Whether it’s the Xbox 360 chewing up games or your car stereo claiming another victim, scratching can be an expensive pain.

The makers of the “D Skin” claim that they have the solution. Simply snap the walls of this clear plastic coating onto your disc and your music and games have their own protective armor.

The D Skin easily attaches and detaches from any regular disc and can be reused as long as it is unscratched. Best of all, they are thin enough to work in most CD, DVD and game systems with no real change in quality.

Granted, the D Skin doesn’t work on most slot-loading players and there’s a bit of buzz that moisture can cause problems, but if scratching has been a problem in your life, this will at least offer a bit of added security.

Grade: B+

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