The documentary Che Guevara: Where You’d Never Imagine Him fills a much needed void in films about the communist revolutionary. Here we get a thorough yet concise picture of Guevara’s life from his relatively pampered middle-class youth to his ramblings around South America beatnik style to his eventual rise as a guerrilla war leader.

In so doing we also get a pretty good picture of the political atmosphere during his life. Guevara’s opposition to capitalist interests, otherwise called Imperialism, was based on his first hand experience of the wretched poverty that plagued Latin America. We are reminded of the United States’ support for fascistic dictatorships in Guatemala, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina, to name a few.

For the most part the film seems to be fawning over the “greatness” of Guevara, and while there is no denying that he was an attractive, intelligent and inspirational leader, it would be nice to hear some dissenting opinions, if only for balance.

Grade: A

Che Guevara: Where You’d Never Imagine Him is currently available.