There’s a lot of opportunity for dark humor in this romantic drama. The story follows stoic workaholic Callie (Samantha Mathis) and cornball man’s man Jasper (Peter Dobson) from the heart transplant ward to Happily Ever After, all sorts of terrible yuk-yuk moments and a child pursuit subplot within.

A Stranger’s Heart does provide some laughable moments. In the hospital, patients celebrate New Year’s Eve by wheeling around IVs like dates, rejoicing in the fact that the holiday’s drunk driving rate will mean hearts all around.

Still, sick humor cannot necessarily save this feel-good film, as it’s ultimately a by-the-numbers Hallmark movie. Were it not for the dreadful abundance of heart puns (“Shouldn’t I follow my heart on this?” and “What my heart wants is not necessarily what my heart can have” are two of my favorites), the film could almost strike an interesting balance between ironic camp and (ahem) heart-warmer.

Grade: C-

A Stranger’s Heart is currently available.