This is the third album from HorrorPops, and the psychobilly trio has refined its sound a little bit. The slapping bass and clicking rattle of drums that are the hallmarks of rockabilly music are still firmly in place, but the band may be looking to grab a wider audience by sanding off the rough edges.

Firstly, Nekroman, who usually takes a few turns at the vocal stand, is mute this time out, letting Patricia Day handle all singing. Day, in turn, has taken some of the “scary” factor out of her delivery, and as a result portions of Kiss Kiss Kill Kill sound like the Go-Go’s gone rockabilly, or in the case of the title track, the B-52s.

The tweaking of style here is very noticeable, but it’s for the better. HorrorPops still rock non-stop.

Grade: A

Kiss Kiss Kill Kill is currently available.