David Largman Murray’s “Robots vs. Fake Robots” is set in the year 6,000. Environmental catastrophe has forced the human population to eek out a pitiful existence while impossibly sexy robots rule the land.

The presumed protagonist of this tale is Joe (Steve Connell), a human being who wants nothing more but to enter the world of the robots. For Joe, to join the robots is more than just upwardly mobility, it is akin to salvation.

“Robots vs. Fake Robots” explores the question of human insecurity. The robot world is likened to the fantastical land of advertising where everyone is healthy, wealthy and good-looking. The very world we look to when taking stock of our own shortcomings.

The Powerhouse Theatre is located at 3116 2nd St., Santa Monica. HBO Def Poet Steve Connell will perform following the show on March 9. For more information, visit www.powerhousetheatre.com.