You may not know the name Lars Vognstrup, but you have no doubt heard of the band he used to be in, Junior Senior. Vognstrup has teamed up with Kristian Godtfredsen (of Secret Agents) for a mind-bending new project in Wolfkin.

Both men sing, and the vocal work is sublime one minute and a freak-out the next, often spiked with sarcasm or wry humor. On the jazzy electro-pop of “7th Heaven,” Vognstrup sings with tongue-in-cheek about his “favorite fetish”: “Call me names … of animals.”

He’s pithy and a bit shocking on the title track, singing knowingly, “You’ve got money in your pocket and blood on your hands/You’ve got semen in those brand new pants.” And the music to accompany all of this is just as wacky and intriguing; keyboard flourishes complete with synthesized string sections and bells will suddenly stop cold so someone can yell “Hey!” or inject a quick effect – maybe an air-raid siren, maybe a Theremin riff.

Grade: A

Brand New Pants is currently available.