Project Playlist may be the best music Web site you’ve never heard of. The idea is simple: make a playlist of your favorite music tracks and share it with other people online.

Imagined by then-25-year-old Jeremy Riney in 2006, the site is a music search engine that allows you to post your personalized playlist on their social network or any other networking site (i.e., MySpace, Facebook, etc.). With an average of nearly 14 million unique visitors per month, Project Playlist is growing rapidly – a far cry from the site’s humble beginnings of only several dozen members in its first few weeks.

The idea stemmed from Riney creating a media player by connecting to music links from other Web sites. It was something he shared with only a couple of friends.

The big leap came when Riney decided to post his playlist on MySpace. After the first month membership went from a few dozen members to over 1,000, Project Playlist was born.

The site, still less than two years old, already has over 20 million members, and is growing at a rate of over 50,000 new users per day.

Riney’s vision is for Playlist to become a Google-sized music search engine, where you can search for any song on the Net, listen to it and then add it to your playlist. However, “listen” is the key word.

Project Playlist is not a music-downloading site. It takes already available tracks from other Web sites and places them on one convenient site so that you can stream them. In the next year Riney’s vision is for all legitimate music on the Internet to be indexed.

“The end goal is to have easily searchable, organizable and consumable music,” Riney says.

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