As spring approaches we realize all things – like winter, cassette tapes and relationships – must come to an end.

Clockwise from top:

Hold on to love: Heather wears an Ultra jacket, XOXO skirt and take-out purse by Scenic. Gene wears vintage suede jacket with 7 Jeans.

Up to our necks: Kim and Heather wear sleeveless turtlenecks by Ultra clothing.

Shout out to spring: Amy wears a Ton windbreaker with fur hoody. Rob wears a WE jacket with Incognito eyewear.

3 stripes I’m out: Laura and Nicole wear Ton sleeveless hoodies. Eyewear by Incognito.

Eyes of a tiger: Heather wears an Ultra hooded jacket. Gene wears a HI Five shirt. Incognito eyewear.

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