I can’t imagine how any of their fellow students at Wesleyan University made it to class whenever Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser showed a performance art piece on campus. How anyone managed to tear their eyes (and ears) away from the scene is a mystery, and the Brooklyn electro-rockers currently have the world in a tizzy with their Dave Fridmann-(Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev) produced debut, Oracular Spectacular.

Spin, NME and Rolling Stone sing Oracular’s praises, and with ultra snarky lyrics and irresistible dance beats, it’s easy to see why. From the energetic first track, “Time to Pretend,” to the hyperkinetic “Kids" and “Electric Feel,” the disc will move you. Literally.

MGMT can be compared to artists from the ’70s (Pink Floyd, David Bowie) as easily as groups from today (Flaming Lips, Ween), yet their sound is wholly unique and inarguably has a place in music’s future.

Grade: A

Oracular Spectacular is currently available.