Seattle’s Gary Reynolds and the Brides of Obscurity are nice. Unfortunately, nice doesn’t cut it for me.

I want to like them; after all, they have a ’70s glam twist to their sound, reminiscent of Cockney Rebel. Unfortunately, they serve up Cockney Rebel-style rock without the ingenuity or any particularly catchy numbers.

Their debut release, entitled Santiago’s Vest, begins with some strength in “Capital State,” which is lovely yet still mildly lethargic. There’s no doubt that they’re talented; however, on song after song, just when you want them to unleash the energy or say something particularly witty … they fall hopelessly short. Then, inexplicably, the final number “Wake Up Sugar” saunters in and serves as a beacon in midst of the petty pleasantries, showing the direction that this band could potentially take. Please, Gary and your Brides, stop withholding and consummate!

Grade: C

Santiago’s Vest is currently available.