“Some say thy fault is youth, some wantonness.” Yup, one of the songs on this album quotes good old William Shakespeare.

Actually it’s more than just a quote as Science for Girls set the Bard’s “Sonnet 96” to a lush piece of down-tempo electronica. Darren Solomon is the professor behind the science, and although he uses a host of back-up players on horns and guitars, the lab is mostly his personal playground, filled with guitars, electric piano and other electronic devices.

There’s no “weird science” here, but Solomon does surprise with his second cover choice, as he’s joined by singer Jean Rohe for a take on Barry Manilow’s “Sweet Life.” Every song except one features a guest vocalist and each arrangement is either pure chill-out music or on the relaxed side of pop, like Paul Brill’s lusting for Down Under on “Australia.” And guys, no worries, Science for Girls is a fully co-ed experience.

Grade: A

Science for Girls is currently available.