This is what comics are made for. Antony Johnston and Christopher Mitten have created a world that is unique, stylish and full of mystery.

A blend of western, sci-fi and fantasy elements in a desolate post-apocalyptic landscape, it’s the kind of narrative packed with original mythology, history and compelling characters that is made for serial storytelling. It leaves you wanting more.

Set a hundred years after the Big Wet, an apocalyptic event shrouded in legend, Wasteland follows the people of Providence, who are on their way to the city of Newbegin after their town is destroyed by Sand-eaters (something between the Sandpeople of Star Wars and I Am Legend’s mutants). Led by the mysterious ruin runner, Michael, they reach Newbegin only to be enslaved by the city’s demigod leader during a purge of Sun Worshipers.

By now the post-apocalyptic thing is becoming old hat, but Johnston does it right, perhaps better than any other recent attempts. He creates a world akin to Miyazaki’s in films like Princess Mononoke or Nausicaa: dense, with endless narrative possibilities and opportunities for dynamic artwork by Mitten.

Grade: A

Wasteland Volume 2 is currently available.