Thank you, Harper Lee" are the first words spoken by Gregory Peck when he reaches the podium to accept his best actor Oscar for 1962’s To Kill a Mockingbird, a beautiful and humble moment included on the new "Legacy Edition" of Robert Mulligan’s excellent adaptation of Lee’s novel of an American wrong made right.

Atticus Finch (Peck), as seen in the film through the eyes of his tomboy daughter, Scout (Mary Badham), is the best of America: An intelligent loving father, who in defending a black man (Brock Peters) against charges he raped a white woman in a racially charged Depression-era South, quietly shows great courage and sets an indelible example.

The first title in Universal’s new two-disc Legacy line – which the company swears will be reserved for certified classics – replaces the previously issued "Collector’s Edition" with its rag-tag extras, retaining only the insightful commentary track by Mulligan, the film’s late producer Alan Pakula, the all-grown-up Badham and other principals.

Along with Peck’s Academy acceptance speech, it also includes his thank-you for the American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Award and an interview about his involvement in the film, and a new documentary about the adaptation, the production and the film’s reception titled "Fearful Symmetry."

DVD Grade: A