There are a lot of things that can limit entry to clubs in L.A., the notorious examples being the velvet rope, 300-pound bouncers, and those obnoxious VIP lists. But most teenagers rarely even get that far. For them, the number of clubs with the designation "all-ages" on their doors reads like an endangered species list.

That’s why Jeremiah Blake, a business major at Cal State Northridge, and Tripp Todman, an architecture student at UCLA, decided it was high time to expand what’s available to the high school crowd in the way of clubs. The result of their masterminding became TrippBlake Nights at the Key Club on Sunset Boulvard.

"There’s so much money, so much glamour but there’s nowhere for the youth to go," says Blake. "They want something more."

And something more is exactly what TrippBlake is shaping up to be, promising the experience of a nightclub and a rock concert. For one night each month, teens will be able to access one of Hollywood’s most popular clubs, some of the scene’s most popular local bands, and something that’s almost entirely missing from most of L.A. – the feeling of being part of a real scene. There are even shirts for sale that carry the event’s logo, a portion of the proceeds of which will be donated to charity.

But the real draw promises to be the live music. Local phenomena The Tints, Clear Static, The Revelators, The Naturals, American Eyes and Slippery Velvet are slated to kick off the festivities at the premiere event on Jan. 16, which will be hosted by Gene Simmons of the legendary KISS, along with his son, Nick. The night will also welcome special guest DJ Danny Yeardye (heir to the Jimmy Choo shoe empire) who will be suspended over the crowd on a lucite DJ rig, the latest trend in London.

If you’re interested in taking a peek at the upcoming events before you haul on down to the Key Club, visit TrippBlake at On the site you’ll find video of live performances, upcoming music events, and ways to get involved with the revolving VIP list – the names on which are decided in a number of ways, including helping promote TrippBlake events.

TrippBlake promises to be sex, masses of gorgeous people dancing to the throbbing beat of London’s hottest DJ, rock music from the next biggest names in the industry, glamour, and all the glitz and beauty that only L.A. has to offer.

Says Todman of his venture: "I want people to walk away feeling blown away. To feel like they’re rock stars for a night!"

The Key Club is located at 9039 Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood. Tickets are available for purchase at or by calling the Key Club directly at (310) 274-5800. For more information, visit or Price: $10.