Happy Endings is one of a seemingly growing number of ensemble comedy/drama films in which a handful of very loosely connected stories play out in staggered fashion before barely connecting in some way before time runs out. Maybe it’s because the stories aren’t interesting enough to fill a movie on their own, or maybe writer/director Don Roos just doesn’t have faith in your ability to pay attention.

The result is bittersweet: Endings is cleverly presented, and it’s definitely better than the sum of its parts. But when one character (Jesse Bradford as aspiring filmmaker Nicky) so outshines the rest of the cast (Tom Arnold, Lisa Kudrow, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Steve Coogan and more), you kind of wish some of these other folks would just stay out of the way.

Extras: Commentary with Kudrow and crew, deleted scenes, outtakes (with commentary), montage (with commentary), making-of feature.

DVD Grade: B