As we begin act two, playboy plastic surgeon Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) is staring down fatherhood, his 40th birthday and a busted bridge, while fellow doc Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) is faced with a twitch that leaves a patient’s life – and his livelihood – in fatal danger, as well as a mother-in-law (Vanessa Redgrave) who wants a facelift. The preceding description does "Nip/Tuck" little justice; while some shows suck you in, this bloodbath of vanity, insecurity, debauchery and sexual self-destruction devours you immediately. Some of television’s best-written characters reside here, and it’s no stretch to find yourself both repulsed and emotionally attached. Just don’t watch right after lunch: The surgery scenes are extremely graphic.

Extra: DVD includes 16 episodes, plus deleted scenes and a behind-the-scenes feature.

Grade: A

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