Uh, huh huh, uh, remember these guys? They like to, uh, watch TV and stuff? Well, now you can watch them watch TV anytime you want. Creator/star Mike Judge has handpicked some of his favorite episodes ("the two-thirds that didn’t suck," as he puts it) and included extended director’s cuts whenever possible.

Highlights include the opening laughing episode, driver’s ed, drawing class and various abuses of Stewart (the kid in the Winger shirt) and Tom Anderson (undoubtedly the prelude to Hank Hill). You also get a collection of Beavis and Butthead’s music video commentaries, though they’re sorely underrepresented here. Maybe volume two will fix that, since these bits are arguably the funniest parts of the show.

Includes 40 episodes (23 director’s cuts) and 11 videos, plus a behind-the-scenes feature, three MTV VMA skits (one with David Letterman), the Thanksgiving special with Kurt Loder, promo spots and two montages.

DVD Grade: B