When is a Bad News Bears rip-off more than just another Bad News Bears rip-off? When you have Will Ferrell in the cast.

Kicking & Screaming features all the usual non-surprises you expect from a family film of this sort, and the entire third act almost dares you to be the least bit surprised by any single thing that happens. But the first two acts, while somewhat predictable in their own right, are also the domain of Ferrell, who is as stupidly funny with a roomful of kids as he is with Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson. Mike Ditka proves himself a funny and surprisingly self-depreciating sidekick as Ferrell’s assistant ("Way to go, Bing Bong!") and Robert Duvall can do little wrong despite being saddled with the cliched "rival coach" role. If you like Ferrell – and the world seems to go both ways here – it’s worth a look.

Extras: Deleted scenes/outtakes/alternate takes, four behind-the-scenes features.

DVD Grade: B-