Faithful fans of Douglas Adams’ legendary "trilogy" have every right to take issue with the film's take on the series’ first book. But they also must realize that there is no feasible way to capture the true, unabridged nature of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in feature film form. Adams’ books are dense with wit and hilarious mythology, and the film can only make so much sense and explain so much. Yes, the love triangle angle is a copout, and some stuff can’t possibly make sense to those who skipped the book. But taken on its own merits, Galaxy is clever, beautiful, charming and funny in all the right ways. By no stretch is it a suitable replacement for its inspiration. But a terrifically enjoyable companion piece? Most certainly.

Extras: Producer/cast commentary, second commentary with Executive Producer and Adams colleague Sean Solle, behind-the-scenes feature, deleted scenes, outtakes, bonus guide entry, "So Long..." singalong, hangman game with Marvin, Improbability Drive functionality.

DVD Grade: A-