The walking dead have branched out and smartened up a touch, forcing human survivors into fenced-off mini-villages of varying social status. In turn, the humans have found ways to commercialize the dead, treating them as carnie attractions and modern-day Roman gladiators. Land of the Dead’s brilliant first hour proves two things: that George A. Romero is a walking industry unto himself, and that John Leguizamo (as "ambitious" cop Cholo) deserves more and better exposure than he presently gets. Dead can’t help but revert to more of the same old thing – blood, guts, zombies and severed body parts run wild – but if you expected something else, you haven’t been paying much attention these last few decades or so. Entertaining as always, in its own special way.

Extras: Romero commentary, five behind-the-scenes features, making-of feature, deleted scenes, music video, "When Shaun of the Dead met George" feature.

DVD Grade: B+