Even though this extremely loose remake of Frank Capra’s Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936) is a relief for Adam Sandler fans after the actor’s horrible roles in The Waterboy and Little Nicky, director Steven Brill’s Mr. Deeds is also nothing to get excited about.

In the film, the life of Longfellow Deeds (Sandler) is turned upside down when he receives news that he is the only living relative of a recently deceased and incredibly rich uncle. Deeds is shuttled to New York City, where his uncle’s untrustworthy business partner (Peter Gallagher) prepares papers for Deeds to sign which will relinquish the small town guy’s control of his uncle’s company.

However, Deeds is trusting and naïve and doesn’t suspect a thing. He also doesn’t know that Babe (Winona Ryder), the sugar-and-spice gal he’s falling for, is really a tabloid journalist trying to better her own career by spilling nasty secrets about Deeds to her seedy boss.

The only decent part of this unevenly humorous movie (which is continuously interrupted by obnoxious and unnecessary gross-out sequences) is Sandler’s portrayal of Deeds. Although extremely unbalanced and mediocre in its own right, Sandler proves that he still has the ability to be as charming as he was in his earlier films like Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison and The Wedding Singer.

The DVD is kind of fun, featuring a commentary by the film’s writer and director, two featurettes, Deeds greeting cards, a Dave Matthews Band music video and an outtakes reel.

Film Grade: C

DVD Grade: B-