Every so often, a popular actor will give the kind of performance that can redefine their career. Jennifer Aniston did that this summer in the quirky comedy The Good Girl, and if you missed this small but potent film in theaters, now’s your chance to check it out on DVD.

Aniston plays Justine, a small town woman trapped in a dead end job and a dishwater dull marriage. She strikes up an affair with a sullen young coworker (Jake Gyllenhaal), and her life becomes a series of unexpected complications.

The entire cast, which includes John C. Reilly, Tim Blake Nelson and Zooey Deschanel, is impressive. They do justice to a sharply funny and surprisingly moving script by Mike White (Orange County). One of the strongest aspects of Aniston’s performance is her ability to blend in with this talented but low profile indie ensemble.

The DVD itself is adequate but disappointing, considering the quality of the film. The most engaging feature is a brief scene-specific commentary by Aniston. Her enthusiasm for the film is clear, and her responses are lively and thoughtful. Less rewarding is the feature length commentary by White and director Miguel Arteta (who previously collaborated on Chuck and Buck). Their work on the film is strong, but their conversation about it is slow moving and not very illuminating.

Other special features include nine deleted scenes (several expanding on the relationship between Aniston and Gyllenhaal) that are interesting but not missed in the final cut, and a "gag reel" that is simply comprised of shots featuring the actors cracking up during takes.

Film Grade: A-

DVD Grade: B