Critically lauded and commercially applauded, "Everwood" — from creator Greg Berlanti — is perhaps one of the very best shows on television. It’s not a smutty, mindless, gimmicky show, but instead one that revolves solely around family virtue and heart. Its undeniable honesty and willingness to tackle — with grace — such situations as teen pregnancy, STDs and gender issues, makes it one of the most worth-your-time programs on television.

The first season of "Everwood" arrived on store shelves Sept. 7 in a handsomely packaged six-disc set. The show, which is currently sailing into its third season on The WB, begins when ultra-successful, Manhattan-based surgeon Andy Brown (Treat Williams) loses his wife, Julia, in an unexpected car accident. Honoring a promise he breezily made to his wife many years before, he uproots his somewhat estranged children, 15-year-old Ephram (Gregory Smith) and 9-year-old Delia (Vivien Cardone), to the series’ small, titular Colorado town.

Ephram and Delia are anything but pleased with their dad’s decision especially since, before his wife’s death, he worked too much and never took any interest in their lives. By escaping the hustle-bustle of city life, Andy hopes to memorialize his late wife and reconnect with his kids.

He’s not exactly welcome in town, though, especially after he inadvertently makes a rival in resident medical practitioner Harold Abbot(Tom Amandes) by opening up his own no-charge family practice. The kids have problems, too — piano prodigy Ephram falls for a girl (Emily VanCamp) he suspects is simply using him for her own gain, and tomboy Delia has trouble making friends.

The DVD set features all 23 season one episodes, as well as a handful of engaging features including un-aired scenes, an extended version of the series pilot, commentary on four key episodes, a making-of featurette entitled "In Search of Everwood" and, last but not least, a fun behind-the-scenes romp with the "Greg-and-Emily Cam."

DVD Grade: A-