No, there are no elephants, no tigers, no jugglers and no creepy clowns. This is not your average circus.

Rather, it’s a place where people can explore their creative side in an intellectual and practical way. Located in Atlanta, Ga., the Creative Circus is a school that offers two-year programs in Art Direction, Copywriting, Graphic Design and Photography.

It’s a relatively small school, with 200-some students from all over the nation, which allows for more one-on-one time and a stronger relationship with faculty. Most classes only consist of 12 to 15 students, resulting in more personal teaching and learning than what goes on in big lecture halls.

The Creative Circus is owned, for the most part, by staff and teachers. So, instead of a faceless and seemingly omnipotent board, students get a more personalized authority trying to help them succeed (which in turn helps the school succeed). Ten percent of all profits go back into quarterly scholarships, ensuring that the student body consists of more than just the students who have money.

Furthermore, the Creative Circus has an amazing 97 percent job placement rate for graduates. Not only do alumni get jobs, they also get jobs at some of the best creative shops.

The Circus offers a wide variety of classes as well, thus giving students a well-rounded education.

“It’s a mix of both theoretical and practical,” says Matt Moore, an Advertising student in his third quarter. “Right now, I’m taking a class on how to use color [in advertisements], but I’m also taking a course dealing with more mathematical and theoretical stuff.”

Moore, along with all the other Circus students, is currently trying to finish up final projects in what is known as “24-hour access” week. People stay up all night and even camp out in order to work on their projects in what sounds like an incredibly hectic period.

But, this workload also breeds a sense of community and camaraderie – something that the Creative Circus as a whole stands for.

“We’re all in it together,” states Moore.

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