Pimpin’ aint easy. The Hughes Brothers revealed this to the mainstream with their brilliant 1998 documentary film American Pimp. Now, six years later, the raw outtakes have been released on a new DVD that re-introduces us to the same entertaining hustlers, pimps and hoes from the original.

The Hughes Brothers serve up the ghetto-fabulous characters here without the fancy editing techniques and masterful soundtrack that made the film so mesmerizing. Here, we see such kings of convenience like Bradley, Ken Red and Rosebudd jawing away during their original interviews – a perfect footnote to the documentary.

However, though there are some entertaining moments, this DVD should have been included in the original film DVD as a bonus reel. All of the footage is ghastly entertaining and wonderful – especially when pimps like Bradley break down the technical street names for white women, Asian women and black women – but overall the viewer is left longing for the A-list footage of the original. Scenes like Ken Red answering his phone while getting his hair clipped and the old-school Blaxploitation footage are noticeably absent here. (And where is Bishop Don Magic Juan?)

There are some highlights, like when Snoop Dogg makes a stony appearance recalling his ghetto upbringing (comparing the record industry to that of the pimpin’ industry) and when Rosebudd shares some of his funnier memories while cruising Sunset Boulevard. Yet you can see why most of this found its way to the cutting room floor.

A bonus audio CD offers a nice soundtrack to the world of pimpin’ and includes some brilliant quotes from the original flick. In fact, the bonus CD makes this DVD all the more worth it. Finally, you can get audio clips of Payroll declaring the word "bitch" a pet name. Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.