It’s hard to find a relaxed place to have lunch on Melrose. With the hustle and bustle of mainly outdoor eateries like Urth Caffe and Le Pain Quotidien, anyone looking for a mid-day escape might just have to try a different avenue. That is, until comme Ca entered the scene.

Comme Ca, or “just like that,” launched in October 2007 by chef/restaurant mogul David Myers of Sona and Boule Patisserie, merging a relaxed French brasserie with chic, glamorous décor to create a setting that is downright special. Black baseboards, eclectic-shaped mirrors and white luxe cushions adorn the space. The only elements that bring it back down to a quasi-casual eatery are the white plastic chairs and chalk sketchings of caricatures, quotes and recipes on the side wall.

The brasserie features breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner menus, and stays open post happy hour for those looking to make a night out of it. For lunch, comme Ca boasts one of the best sandwiches in town, the Croque Monsieur, a gourmet take on the ham and cheese sandwich.

If you are looking for more traditional French fare, you can get your fill of the classics with the Soupe a L´Oignon Gratinée and Paleron of Beef Bourguignon. The dessert options all come from Boule Patisserie, allowing patrons to get hooked on the delectable tarts, crème brulee and brioche pudding the bakery has to offer.

The restaurant features a flashback speakeasy-style bar that seems relatively small, but can get especially lively as the night wears on. With only five cocktails on the menu, the choices may seem limited, but the fifth on the list, the “Dealer’s Choice,” gives the bartender free reign to concoct a completely unique drink, just for you.

For more information, call (323) 782-1104 or visit