“Greek” follows loveable nerd Rusty, a freshman at the fictional Cyprus Rhodes University, who has decided to pledge a fraternity. During the first batch of episodes, viewers were introduced to a wide array of college characters, including Rusty’s older sister, Casey, the seemingly perfect sorority girl, and her men – Evan, her current boyfriend and Cappie, her ex.

The show attempts to tackle such prevalent college issues as cheating, drinking and homosexuality. While it may not have the most sophisticated dialogue or plotlines, the show is full of loveable characters and funny one-liners, and the cast of virtual unknowns has produced a few breakout stars and some fresh eye-candy.

Scott Michael Foster’s character, Cappie, is similar to his real-life persona, although he admits there are some differences.

“I think Cappie is a bit cooler than I consider myself,” says Foster. “In school I wasn’t the guy who had all the crazy parties.”

Foster, 23, moved to Los Angeles from Dallas, Texas when he was 19 and says the West Coast lifestyle suits him perfectly.

“Living back in Dallas would be so different,” he says. “A lot of my friends are getting married and having kids. L.A. has definitely slowed me down as far as getting a family together.”

Foster is slowly adjusting to life as a TV star, as he begins to get recognized on the street and attend star-studded events. When Foster isn’t filming “Greek,” he devotes time to his band, Siren's Eye, of which he is the lead singer.

Although Foster is busy with his acting, Siren’s Eye still plays and is in the process of trying to line up live shows. However, Foster admits that while he loves music, “acting always comes first.”

Season two of “Greek” premieres March 24 at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.