Oakland’s Howlin’ Rain may incorporate ’60s and ’70s backdrops into its sophomore effort, Magnificent Fiend, but that doesn’t pigeonhole the trio as a retro jam band.

Guitarist/singer Ethan Miller also cites punk rock, pulp art and science fiction as influences. While the Ramones or the Sex Pistols might not come to mind, sci-fi author Michael Moorcock’s inspiration is noticeable during the spiritual/futurist track “Dancers at the End of Time,” which has an Allman Brothers Band vibe.

Howlin’ Rain’s dynamics reach full consciousness on “Lord Have Mercy,” which starts out akin to the Grateful Dead before heating up to a Hawkwind-ish conclusion. Piano and horns also aid in maintaining an organic and comfortable temperament throughout the record’s eight songs, particularly during low-ebbed “El Rey.”

Grade: B

Magnificent Fiend is currently available.