Since nobody wants to be a waiter begging the Paramount executive at his table to read his script, let Scriptapalooza, Inc. do the dirty work. Submit your script to the 10th annual Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition and the powers that be will send it straight to the desks of one of 70 movie industry professionals that have signed on as judges.

It’s technically a competition, with a first-place winner getting $10,000, but that’s just a monetary bonus since all entries will be read by the creative directors, vice presidents and executive developers of big time production and management companies. And all submissions have an equal chance of getting bought, optioned or even green lit – if you have what they’re looking for.

The mostly-independent production company judges are as eclectic as you are, having everything from Clueless and The Squid and the Whale to Monster’s Ball and Super Size Me coming out of their walls.

And the success rate is incredible. In 10 years, participants have been hired by Disney, signed to management companies and had their scripts made into Lifetime movies. The company’s Web site has an entire page of success stories where everyone from young men to older women are interviewed about their positive experiences and the opportunities that were opened through the competition.

Scriptapalooza works closely with the Writers Guild of America, West Registry and the Writers Guild of Canada, and has the ability to turn your meager script submission into legitimate industry contacts. Submissions are due by April 15, so open up Final Draft and re-work that interior scene, because with a simple online submission form (and a $50 fee – also payable online), you and your script can finally get the attention you deserve – without having to wait tables at Spago. For more information, visit