It was a night for all music fans to come together like emo and indie rock brothers and sisters in Hollywood.

Once the Color Fred took the stage, I found my place listening to some surprisingly non-screaming, post-punk, post-emo, straight up driving indie rock from former member of Breaking Pangaea and Taking Back Sunday guitar player Fred Mascherino.

Joined by his brother, Steve, on drums and another guitarist and bassist, the Color Fred heated things up with a nice full sound and great lyrics throughout their short set. After the brothers Mascherino came the Frampton sisters, better known as Meg & Dia, who softly rocked as the audience started getting a little looser.

A lot can change in a few years, as evident by the band everyone was waiting for: Angels & Airwaves. When I first saw them in 2006, the promise was there; the promise of a bigger sound, the promise of a more grown up message from former Blink 182 guitarist/singer Tom DeLonge, the promise of a light at the end of the then way overcrowded pop punk/emo tunnel.

As evident by this night, Mr. DeLonge, as he deserves to be called, has grown up and fulfilled all of these promises as the lights, energy and attitude filled the room with a rich, full sound that could be the soundtrack of our generation. With U2-like boombastic guitars, a drum snare that commanded attention and songs about the times and lack of spaces we now live in, Angels & Airwaves confidently delivered with clear and clean punk rock attitude, but not necessarily punk rock sound.