What is your favorite thing about working at Ground Zero?

“The staff is amazing, and we get to play music really loudly when we want to.”

—Kelsey Lynn, ’09

“You can make it into whatever you want it to be … there is plenty of live music, poetry, theater; we pretty much have everything, plus any sugar fix you need.”

—Caitlin Holland, ’10

“The fact that it’s one of the only student run places on campus, that we can best serve students and provide an atmosphere people are looking for.”

—Amy Rutherford, ’09, General Manager

“We can make decisions based on what we want to do, and are allowed to tailor to specifically what we and the student body wants to do.”

—Rob Eukovich, ’08, Coffee Bar Manager

What is your favorite drink at Ground Zero?

“Cranberry blood orange iced tea”

—Sarah Kang, ’09


—Kelsey Lynn, ’10

“Just black coffee”

—Rob Eukovich, ’08

For more information, visit www.usc.edu/student-affairs/gzcoffee.