Sibling rivalry, fueled by opposing political viewpoints, explodes in the Italian film My Brother is an Only Child. Based on the novel Il Fasciocomunista, two brothers, Accio (Elio Germano) and Manrico (Riccardo Scamarccio), grapple with opposing political viewpoints in a small Italian village.

Accio joins the Fascists to distance himself from his leftist brother Manrico, but their rivalry is not just political. It seems Accio has his eye on Manrico’s girlfriend, Francesca (Diane Fleri).

Though the film seems to be about politics, it’s really about love. Accio is trying to find justice in an unjust society.

Director Daniele Luchetti captures the early ’60s setting with sumptuous scenery. The movie runs a little long, but it’s a beautiful emotional story with marvelous performances by a superb cast.

Grade: B +

My Brother is an Only Child releases in select theaters April 4.