As someone who has studied Improv at the famed Groundlings school, as well as the Westside Eclectic in Santa Monica, I greatly looked forward to reviewing The Upright Citizens Brigade: ASSSSCAT! The feature-length DVD showcases the johnny-on-the-spot comic stylings of talents like “Saturday Night Live”’s Amy Poehler and “Reno! 911”’s Thomas Lennon. They team up with others like Kate Walsh and Horatio Sanz.

In theory, the DVD sounds like a fantastic idea. However, in actuality, it may leave viewers with the wrong impression.

The very nature of improvised comedy is its spontaneity. Long-form improv (unlike short-form which was featured on the popular show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”) isn’t something to load into your DVD player or personal computer. It’s best enjoyed live in a theater with a group of your most politically incorrect buddies.

Sure, there are some giggles on the disc, but its lackluster production value and niche themes may leave many confused. Asssscat could have benefited from the same artsy makeover that Liam Lynch gave Sarah Silverman’s Jesus Is Magic. Instead, it’s just a bunch of rambling A-listers running around on stage, as an exasperated video editor cuts feverishly to the laughing audience in a vain attempt prove to the people at home that something funny really IS happening.

Grade: C+

The Upright Citizens Brigade: Asssscat! is currently available.