Spring Break is a special time in the hearts of students everywhere. Some students visit very exotic locales, while others prepare for the grueling weeks ahead before summer vacation arrives.

We caught up with a few UCLA students on their first day back to see how their week was spent.

Jearaldy Moreno ’11

“I went home for Spring Break, and my siblings were there. It was amazing because we haven’t been together for about six months. We went to TJ a few times, laser tagging and went to bonfires. It was great!!”

Stephanie Kind ’09 (pictured above)

“I went back home for Spring Break. I’m from Wisconsin, so it was all snowy and cold. It’s nice to be back in L.A.”

Jesickah Riggs ’08

“My spring break consisted of sleep, work and showing my friends from Slovenia around L.A. like a tour guide. It was awesome!”

Lesley Moon ’08

“I spent my spring break bending acrylic rods into a chain link fence with a heat gun. It was really fulfilling.”