On their third outing, Great Plains, Chicago art-poppers Head of Femur (named after an obscure Elvis Presley trivia detail) continue crafting catchy material brimming with orchestral, multi-tiered arrangements and some of the briskest pop this side of the ’60s. The trio, augmented by more than a dozen musical guests playing everything from trombone to strings, harnesses influences diverse as latter day Beach Boys, XTC, the Flaming Lips and some you’ll have to discover yourself.

Harmonically rich “Leader & the Falcon” is one standout, which builds slowly to an agitated dash and ends with a guitar/keyboard cloudburst. Another hit-in-waiting is They Might Be Giants-esque nugget “Where’s the Fire,” in which horns and piano punch up irresistible enthusiasm.

Grade: B

Great Plains is currently available.