There’s a new party in town, and it’s got South Beach, Miami written all over it.

The first time I happened upon Sundaze was March 9. The weather was 82 degrees, which nicely complemented the 81-degree temperature of the pool water. The babes were out in full force sunning poolside, DJ Chris Annibell was behind the turntables and Amon entertained with live percussion. I ate chicken and lobster sandwiches courtesy of the onsite eatery, Bistrotek, drank mojitos, played foosball and danced around in the water like a rockin’ mermaid.

I returned on March 30 for DJ Jeremy Sole’s "A Tribute to Marvin Gaye", around 6:30 p.m. Sitting poolside at dusk is just so Miami. Swimming at 8 p.m. is just so South Beach. Fun in an “I’m-on-vacation” sort of way and slightly romantic, the funky music plays and the carefree dancing goes down ’til 9 p.m. each Sunday.

In fact, every moment at Sundaze feels a little like Miami. From the tropical drinks, i.e. sipping on a Blackberry Crush, to the fire pits lit ablaze at night to the covered cabanas around the pool, this could almost be Nikki Beach or the Delano – almost!

Though awkwardly (or conveniently, depending on your viewpoint) located minutes from the airport, this hot new hotel is perfect for tourists and locals alike. It’s amusing to see hip locals mingling around the bi-level bar while the out-of-towners check-in, probably wondering where the party is at.

As the summer heats up, I predict the Sundaze pool party will be overrun with more locals looking for a respite from the sun – and a very cool pool scene – but do not want to venture to the beach for fear of not finding parking, getting stuck in traffic or getting (eww…) sandy.

There’s also a weekly Friday night party at the Hopscotch Pool Bar & Grill, called the Hours, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Sabo will spin and Zeb will play live on guitar April 13. Glenn Red and Concise will spin April 20. Wiseacre and Jubal will spin April 27. 1 p.m.-9 p.m. 21+ after 7 p.m. The Custom Hotel is located at 8639 Lincoln Blvd., El Segundo. For more information, visit