The latest offering of the Pasadena Playhouse is the world premiere of the musical, “Mask.” Based on the true story of Rocky Dennis, made famous by the Cher film of the same name, this production takes the story to a whole new level.

Rocky (Allen E. Read) has a disfiguring condition that makes it appear that he is wearing a mask. He’s cared for by an offbeat mom (Michelle Duffy), her boyfriend Gar (Greg Evigan) and an extended family that consists primarily of their biker buddies. Just like the real Rocky Dennis, this play approaches his life’s trials with positive exuberance.

It was a bit of a long evening, though. Some deft editing of the musical numbers would improve the flow of this tale. Most of the songs act as catalysts towards a fun-filled evening, but a few of them drag and slow the momentum of the show.

Read gives a sensitive and powerful performance, and Greg Evigan manages to hold his own among the cast, but it is Michelle Duffy (the 2007 Ovation Award winner for “Can Can”) who shines the brightest here.

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