How many times have you gone to a show, and although you’re excited to see the artist and hear the performance, the other fans turn you off? It happens to me more than I’d like to write about, but every once in a while there’s that special artist, who along with the music itself, just brings amazing good vibes with the show, and all the artist’s fans seem to have it as well.

Enter Citizen Cope and all of his fans. There were all smiles and a genuine feeling of love filling the outside line coming in, and once inside the Wiltern, things only got better.

Waiting and wanting to hear songs like “Back Together,” “Son’s Gonna Rise” and “If There’s Love,” a mix of hip-hop heads, frat boys, slightly older folks and beautiful girls of all colors, shapes and sizes were all happy to be there. Cope satisfied the crowd with songs from all his albums.

As I listened I couldn’t help but feel I was at a campfire or a house party that was intimate, yet with a few thousand close friends all having a great time.