You know something is special when it breaks your heart and tugs at your fragile heartstrings, yet exquisitely captures your every emotion. This rings true for singer-songwriter Elizabeth Wills’ music.

The Fort Worth native sang her heart out to a transfixed crowd, exhibiting introspective lyrics of wide-eyed honesty, acoustic melodies and an ethereal voice that will haunt you for hours long after you’ve heard her sing.

Casual and chic in jeans and a black fedora hat, Wills impressively performed tracks from her latest release Fly. The gist of what she’s about is encapsulated in her performance of “Sweet,” the lead single.

Everyone stood still as she heartbreakingly sang, “Was I in your dreams?” Love confessions aside, she showed her fun side too; when someone yelled out “What’s your name?” she dryly joked, “Madonna.”

Wills’ music is cultivated from a simple and organic place, and simplicity is indeed, beautiful. So even though your heart may be broke, at least you have Wills’ soothing music to comfort you.