Imagine walking around school, work or your favorite shopping spot wearing headphones, jamming to Scum of the Earth's "I am the Scum." The thumping theme song repeats its title as its chorus, so here you are blissfully affirming aloud that you, indeed, are the scum.

Former White Zombie singer/guitarist Riggs is the little devil behind the chant and other delightful ditties like "Murder Song", "Bloodsucking Freakshow" and "Get Your Dead On".

Riggs loves to mix elements of B-movie horror into his songs, but he does it with less bombast than his ex-boss, Rob Zombie. For example, Riggs foregoes the hell-mouth vocals so you can sing along and not scare your friends. Unless, that is, your pals are frightened the late Freddie Mercury.

S.O.E. re-works the Queen classic "We Will Rock You" as "Porn Star Champion", adding new lyrics to the familiar melody and sampling Mercury's vocals for the chorus. Riggs doesn't break any new ground here, but he has crafted a fun and very listenable debut.

Grade: B+

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