Think of One is a Belgian group with lots of members, nine or 10 at any given moment, coming from various ethnic backgrounds. So listening to Camping Shaabi is like looking through a world traveler’s souvenir box: you may not recognize the oddities you come across, but you’ll be thoroughly intrigued by them.

The album starts with a call-and-response tune sung in French called “J’Étais Jetee” that seems to be a stream-of-consciousness description of what’s seen walking down a city street. A peppy but unsophisticated keyboard riff drives the song, sounding very much like a stroll along the Seine in Paris, until North African elements are added mid-song.

The entire album is a similar mélange; songs sung in Dutch, English or Arabic visit exotic hipster neighborhoods where Euro-pop, jazz, hip-hop and world beat intermarry.

Grade: A

Camping Shaabi is currently available.