In Kiss the Bride, Tori Spelling is a young woman in love and on the verge of marrying the man of her dreams. It’s a classic love story, a romantic comedy about a young couple and their storybook wedding thrown into jeopardy with the unexpected arrival of a handsome ex. The twist is: he’s the groom’s ex, not the bride’s.

Everyone knows Tori Spelling. The daughter of legendary television producer Aaron Spelling, she was Donna Martin in his long-running series “Beverly Hills, 90210.”

She displayed brilliant, self effacing humor in “So noTORIous,” and is currently taping the second season of her reality show “Tori & Dean: Inn Love” with her husband Dean McDermott, who also has a small role in Kiss the Bride.

“We love working together,” Spelling says about her husband. “We met when we were working together, and that was a long range goal: to only do things together, and so far so good.

“We do everything together. We do our TV show together, and then Kiss the Bride happened and I was cast. C. Jay [C. Jay Cox, producer/director] was really cool and had a part for Dean.”

Spelling was pregnant with her son Liam while filming Kiss the Bride and is soon expecting her second child (a daughter). Currently, she’s wearing many hats: mother, actress, reality TV show star and creator of her own clothing line. She’s also managed to write a memoir, sTORI Telling, which was released in March.

Aside from a staff of nannies and assistants, how does she do it?

“I am a bit of a workaholic,” she explains, “so I love knowing what the next thing is and am always thinking of a million things at once. There’s nothing worse for me than having down time with nothing to do.”

Spelling knew she wanted to be in this movie from the second she read the script.

“I completely fell in love with the character Alex. I was like, ‘I have to get this part.’ She really got to run the emotional gamut in this film so I was really glad that I got to play her.”

She’s also very happy with the way the film turned out.

“I was really proud of it,” says Spelling, “You make a movie and you never know what is going to happen between the time you film, edit and [get] the final product. When I saw it I felt very proud!”

“The first time we saw it with an audience was when it premiered at Outfest,” explains Cox. “It’s so great to be able to sit in the audience and experience the movie as an audience member and just have a great time and hear the audience laughing and responding to it. It’s a movie that I just really love.”

Described as My Best Friend’s Wedding with a gay twist, this is not the first gay-themed film Spelling has done.

“I love me some gay men, you know? I really do,” gushes Spelling. “It’s so funny, after I did Trick I hoped I would get another gay affiliated film, and when Kiss the Bride came up, it was such a great romance that also had the gay affiliation. I was like, ‘This is perfect, it’s perfect.’ I think deep down inside I am a gay man. I mean it. It’s not just a coincidence that most of my friends are gay.”

Kiss the Bride releases in select theaters April 18.