Lightning striking – a congregation of jazz immortals who, for reasons of their own, showed up one early morning (there’s the pisser) for what has become an iconic photograph.

When the film first came out, over a decade ago, what set it apart immediately from other jazz films was the sheer abundance of stories the filmmakers managed to get in. A deluxe edition offers yet more of a good thing. Whether it’s Lester Young suffering in the army or Thelonious Monk getting his hands on a car (a tale of terror), I kept flashing back to Geoff Dyer’s unique book, But Beautiful.

A Great Day in Harlem is a wonderful anthology of stories about men and women searching for their own individual sound but always delighted, at the drop of a hat, to get together with colleagues and find out how they are.

Grade: A

A Great Day in Harlem (Special Edition) is currently available.