How is it that our military, supposedly one of the most sophisticated in the world, has not yet found our number one adversary, Osama bin Laden? Morgan Spurlock (“30 Days,” Super Size Me) is on a mission to make the world safe before he and his wife bring their new baby into the world, and thus, goes on a mission to track down the al-Qaeda leader and get a glimpse of what’s behind his message of jihad.

As he hops around the Middle East on a tour both bold and dangerous, the facts behind the Middle East crises are presented, broken down into an understandable and entertaining format, in true Spurlock style. The opening dance sequence is side-splitting enough to induce tears. Comic antics aside, at the heart of this film is a core of understanding, compassion and curiosity.

Breaking down cultural barriers, Spurlock discovers at the heart of it all, we all truly want the same things in life, and within these common desires lies the answer to what would bring about a safer world. The answer lies not in bringing one man to justice, but in creating a true justice for all.

Grade: A

Where in the World is Osama bin Laden? releases in select theaters April 18.