First appearing in 1987, Sam and Max, the cult favorite dog and rabbit freelance police team have since gone on to star in numerous video games and an animated series. They are now available in a deluxe edition anthology culling all of the heroes’ print adventures to date, along with color “Sunday” strips, a cover gallery, promo pieces and game spreads.

This is truly sharp and zany humor. Sam, the Dirty Harry-esque dog and Max, the rabbit who’s pure id, run around a sideshow version of New York generally doing more harm than good, stumbling onto bizarre cults and firing guns without provocation, sometimes saving the day by total accident.

Every panel is packed with minute and hilarious background details, and the nonsensical absurdist dialogue between the lovable pair keeps you grinning. This comprehensive edition will keep you occupied for some time.

Grade: A

Sam & Max – Surfin’ the Highway is currently available.