A great idea: to annually package a collection of low budget horror flicks that otherwise would go straight to video and probably pass by unnoticed by most. As the DVDs’ animated menus suggest, these are the kind of movies that previously would’ve played a double feature at the drive-in: good, shlocky fun that you can intermittently pay attention to between getting drunk and making out. And if the collection is uneven, hey, what’d you expect?

This year’s highlights include: Mulberry St., about a virus that spreads through New York, turning people in rodent-like mutants. If you can go with that premise, it’s a fairly effective suspense flick. Tooth and Nail is a post-apocalyptic story about a group of survivors living in a hospital that is under attack by a clan of roving cannibals led by Michael Madsen. Borderland (dubiously claiming to be based on a true story) follows a group of high school graduates on vacation in Mexico that becomes hunted by a satanic cult.

Are they The Exorcist? No, but they’re not a bad way to spend a night. The films are also available individually.

Grade: B-

After Dark Horrorfest: 8 Films to Die For is currently available.